By Miss A

Wristlet Phone Holder


  • Made from strong materials to hold phone in place
  • Great for on the go to keep phone nearby access

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read this if you're confused about how to use it

- you can only use it with a phone in a cover
- make sure the 3 pieces (plastic piece, silver ring, rubber wristlet) of the kit are separated and not attached to each other when you begin

1. remove your phone's cover
2. lay the plastic piece flat inside the empty cover with the skinny piece pointing down
3. slide the skinny piece down and out of the hole where the charging port is
4. use the silver ring to join the rubber wristlet to the skinny piece sticking out of the phone cover
5. put your phone back in its cover

Best Purchase Ever!

I have a pop wallet on my phone that has my ID and my debit card, so I never carry a purse. But being female, none of my clothes have adequate pockets for a phone, so I always end up asking my husband to hold it, then we get separated and he has 2 phones and I have 0. I grabbed this because I'm a fan of bangles and thought this would be a good solution to my pocket problem. I was worried it wasn't going to work well, but it surpassed my expectations. My daughter and I used them during the parade today and it was the best purchase ever. I could carry her phone and mine on my wrist with no issue. Plus, I can still use my phone when it is on my wrist.

Since my biggest question was how does this work, I found it best to stick the tag thru the hole where the charging port is on my phone.