Vitamin E Creamy Face Mask



A wash-off creamy formula that helps eliminate impurities, keeping your skin looking fresh and hydrated.

** Contains 1 cloth sheet mask.


Customer Reviews

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Very hydrating

This mask surprised me, it’s feels like lotion, but it does thicken up after a bit but not the way the picture on it shows. But I will say my skin was so soft and hydrated afterwards. Please restock I need to stock up

Wonderful moisturizer

Creamy, moisturizing mask. Can get multiple uses out of single package. I have purchased multiple times.


Love it. Gave a warm feeling to my face. Did just was it was supposed to. Will purchase again.

Interesting formula

I thought this one would be like the papaya and coconut ones, where it's creamy and dries down but it's more like a lotion consistency that thickens after 15-20 minutes. Trust me, once you're about to wash it off, you'll notice that it got thicker and creamier. It wasn't bad, in fact I kinda liked it. My face did feel a lot smoother too, quite moisturized. It has some tiny pearls in it, I'm going to guess they're the vitamin e parts that eventually break open and gets absorbed into your face lol I certainly didn't see them anymore when I went to wash. Very awesome mask, I love that sma has this!

Seems to work okay, terrible packaging design though.

This felt very moisturizing and soothing on my skin, plus I did feel like my skin was noticeably brighter. The only reason I'm taking off a star is because of the packaging.

This packaging is terrible. The way it's designed to tear, it rips the entire left side of the package open. There is too much for one application in the package, but not enough for two, and with the way it rips open, there's no way to reseal and save the left over.

Obviously the product in the package is what really counts, but wanted to point this out to anyone who might care.