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Starry Color Stylist Eyeshadow

SKU: COS-2199-A

Choose from two palettes to create your smoky or colorful eye looks using the pigmented shades. A applicator was included in the palettes.

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Great eyeshadows

Very pigmented. Love this! Mine came a little broken but I'm sure that was the mail carrier. Besides that i loved the colors and how pigmented they are!

BROKE also

I bought the 2nd palette (colorful one) and 1 shadow was broken.


Starry Color Stylist Eyeshadow

Color 1 is perfect for people who enjoy grey tones!

[this review is for Color 1, the White, Grey, Black, Yellow, and Reddish Browns palette]

I didn't much care for the three lower shadows, as they're warm tones, but the White, Grey, and Black eye shadows are perfect! I have blue eyes on the more muted side, and often times I have trouble finding palettes that feature all three shades, but this one did, and I purchased it for my birthday.

It works beautifully! The shadows came intact and swatch well. Both the white and black are more pigmented than I expected, which is great, because on top of finding grey shadows, I have trouble finding a good black shadow. The powder itself is also quite smooth and builds well. The black shadow did stain both my arm and my eye a little, but a quick swipe with micellar water or, if you're planning to wash your face or shower after a day or night of using this palette, regular face wash works just fine at removing the rest of the stained color.

My only issues are that there is no expiration date on the back of the palette—and there isn't one listed here. I'll stay on the safe side and dispose of it after a year regardless, but that should definitely be something on the back of the palette. And second, the front of the palette does have some weird paint issues, as if the machine or person applying the stencil didn't apply the red evenly. That isn't a huge issue with me as the colors work and they work well. Aesthetics aren't something I look for in a palette, just good coverage, good color, and good longevity (all things this palette has).

The photo collage I added are of the palette itself, where you can see the issues with the red paint; the swatches on my arm, of which I did six light circles in the shadows and one swipe on my arm; and the swatches after being removed with a little bit of Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water (the one with Vitamin C, it's orange) and a microfiber makeup removing towel.

Please excuse the state of the shadows in the first photo, I had already swatched it when I took a photo of the palette itself.


I ordered both styles & both arrived broken and stained everything