Papaya Creamy Face Mask



A wash-off creamy formula that helps eliminate impurities, keeping your skin looking fresh and hydrated. Contains papaya and lavender extracts to deep clean and purify.

** Contains 1 cloth sheet mask.


Customer Reviews

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Highly recommend

I purchased this item along with 9 other mask and I was able to get 3 usage out of this mask alone. So far it’s one of my favorites. You feel it working and it just feels and smells amazing on. A little goes a long way so be mindful & careful. It’s plenty product for 3-4 usage. (wrap it up in a sandwich bag for protection and more usage). Writing this because today was the 3 day I used it and finally ran out. Really could have got 4 days had I not accidentally squirt some out in the sink today lmao. Trust me , you’ll love this mask. Shop Miss A just never disappoints fr. Just added more to my cart lol

Should say lavender instead of papaya as it's all you smell

Cleans and tightens as promised. Very highly scented but if you don't mind lavender, it shouldn't be an issue.

Tingly but cleaaannn

this mask gave my skin a tingly feeling but it chilled out about a minute or so after applying. I will say that this mask has a ton of product so you may want to have a clip or container to seal/save the remainder of the mask. my skin felt really clean after washing it off and it seemed somewhat brighter after using it.


I am from the UK I placed a small order and bought this omg I fell in love with it so I placed another order and ordered 20 of these. I started breaking out randomly. I tried this and it got rid of all the spots on my face and it feels amazing. Just cos it worked for me doesn't mean it will work for everyone. I have normal dry skin.

Back to buy more!

I'm a skin mask junkie and loved the idea of a green one. This one felt SO nice and tingly on my face and made my skin look great afterwards and feel so soft. I wasn't expecting much but ended up loving it. I also have sensitive skin and this didn't irritate it.