Official Key Items- Stretchable Lid Covers (6 Value Pack)

SKU: KEY-0631

  • Say "no" to plastic wrap to cover your left overs! 
  • these stretchable lids fit tightly over all sizes and shape of bowls, cups, plates and fruit! 
  • Simply stretch over the opening and you can refrigerate or even microwave 
  • Just wash and re-use over and over! 
  • Comes with 6 different small and large covers perfect for cups, fruit, large bowls, serving dishes and more! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
FANTASTIC I save plastic!

No more plastic caps or Saran Wrap! These things go on tight stuff falls over and no leeks or spills. A must have in every kitchen!

Carmen Ochoa
Fantastic lids

These stretchable lids are awesome! One ripped after two uses, but I think I was stretching it too much. They don't keep a tight seal if wet. The water condensation accumulates and make the lid a bit slippery when in the fridge. I love the variety of sizes! It fits over bowls, cups and of course storage containers! I would buy again for sure! ...I don't need to because I still have 5 left.

Georgia Greenland

favorite product that i’ve bought from them

Susi Bainard
Like reusable cling wrap.

Nice and stretchy. These get pulled over bowls to seal them up and act as a lid. Not water tight, but work good enough in the fridge. Very handy and easier on the environment.

Pam Polaski
Awesome covers!

These stretchy covers will fit virtually any round bowl or container. They don’t lose their stretch in the dishwasher either. Very impressed!