Official Key Items Extendable Back Scratcher



This naturally antibacterial stainless steel scratcher features a 360° rotating handle that extends to almost 27" with an anti-slip rubber grip for comfortable use. Portable for bag or purse, travel, camping, car, office or household drawers, + more.

Why You'll Love This:
❣️ Telescopic
❣️ Anti-slip rubber grip
❣️ 360º rotating handle
❣️ Stainless steel

Extends up to length: 26.75"

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

This was just an impulse buy, but I love how you can make it smaller more compact for easy storage and it’s travel friendly.

Works well! Nice and sturdy.

I looked for a back scratcher online at the place that starts with an A that sells everything, and they had back scratchers like these for triple the cost. Good old Miss A came through, with a back scratcher at a great price, so I ordered their back scratcher.

A lot of times with back scratchers like this where you can lengthen and shorten them, they will quickly get to a point where they will not stay extended. This back scratcher, though certainly inexpensive, appears better constructed than most. As far as fulfilling its primary function of back scratching, it works great. It is adjustable, so it can get to any itchy areas, and it isn't too sharp. I have a bamboo back scratcher, and it was so dull I tried to sharpen it, which didn't go well, so I was really glad when this new scratcher arrived. Works great!