Official Key Items Broom Wall Clip


  • Easy to install, just stick on any wall 
  • These clips are adjusting and perfect to hang your brooms, mops, dusters to the wall to keep organized and clean 

Customer Reviews

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The adhesive was strong and the clip with the silicone band is strong but doesn’t fit my dryer so it’s better for smaller things like brooms and hand held mirrors

Takes off paint when removed

I ways worry about sticking anything to painted walls because I'm worried jt will take off paint when removed and this product does just that. I tested it on a hidden spot in the closet and a chunk of paint came off the wall and remained on the sticky paper. I ended up sticking it to an index card and taping that to the wall to save the paint. So far it has stayed up.


Update: after using these for a while they seem to have worked themselves in. Now I don't have to use two hands and they work (the arms separate properly) perfectly now! I think the band is just tight at first.

I have been meaning to order these, so when I saw them pop up on Miss A I was very excited and immediately put three into my cart. I've ordered them from sites like Wish and AliExpress for previous apartments but I had just never ordered them for my current storage needs.

First impressions, they're definitely flimsier than any of the other ones I've purchased previously. Instillation was simple. The issue lies with trying to push the broom/mop into it. If you don't get it perfectly centered, or sometimes just for no reason, the whole unit slides to one side. It is very hard to explain, but basically you need both pieces to open for the handle to go in the middle of them but sometimes both will go left, or both will go right. You have to physically open them with your fingers to get the broom or the mop to snap in. This works in keeping my brooms and mops up but is annoying to have to use two hands to do so. I am using them since I purchased them, but I will probably be replacing them with sturdier pieces fairly shortly because I know it will annoy me.

Hi Jennifer, we appreciate your feedback and we're so sorry this didn't work out for you. We will be forwarding this information to our product developing team so that we can work on improving our product for our future releases!

Just okay

They will work for my needs but the plastic is pretty flimsy and it’s difficult to get the broom handle pushed into the opening. Once it’s in it does stay up well.

Not renter friendly

To be fair, I tried my best to prevent this from happening... originally I put packing tape on the wall since I knew that wouldn't take much paint from the wall but the adhesive kept falling off. I was tired of this so I used the actual adhesive on my wall (without packing tape) and the paint and some of what was underneath it came off with it. Be sure to use this on tile or something. I donated the other one to my work.

However, it did its job and kept my broom off the floor without any issue.

Hi! We appreciate your feedback and we're so sorry these didn't work out for you. If you have any further suggestions please let us know!