A+: Mochi Wonder Blender Cut - Teardrop

SKU: AOA-0038


✏️With the support from our amazing customers we were able to start a new Charity program at Miss A called the "A+ Education Charity". Products sold through this A+ Collection will help us support children's education - from providing school supplies & books, building schools where needed, and much more! Thank you so much! 

✏️Mochi Wonder Blender! This blender is a tight and bouncy blender that is perfect for applying and blending liquid products on the skin! This unique cut teardrop shape has the original teardrop shape on one side and a flat surface on the other side to get to all areas of the face!




Customer Reviews

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Don't think just buy

This hands found Mt go to blender over Beaty blender & all the rest this gives the most airbrushed effect with yr foundation & really pushes the product in giving an unbelievable blend to yr products cream powder it doesn't matter I have multiple in back up !!!! Can't do my make up with out them ! Best on the market look no further for the blender !

So soft!

Love to use this for setting powder and concealer as the shaved tapered side makes it so much easier to place it. It's best to soak your makeup sponge before you use it so it doesn't leave so much product on it. The one on the left is when it is wet and the right one is my new one dry.


I have bought this so many times. Love this blender and it is perfect to use.

Best Blender!

I have ordered other blenders from Miss A, but I always reorder this blender! This blender absorbs a bit of product, however, I think it makes whatever product you're using look more natural. It's very soft and durable. I've washed it multiple times (with the cleaning soap from Miss A) and every time it stays just as good as before. I have had this blender for months and I love it every time I use it.


I love it’s perfect for me soft l buying only this one and l recommend