By Miss A

Miss A No-Show Body + Clothing Tape

SKU: MISS-0134

  • Clear, double stick apparel and body tape helps hold clothing perfectly in place
  • Double sided medical quality body tape 
  • Perfect for fashion emergencies 
  • Hypoallergenic and gentle on the skin 
  • Leaves no residue on clothing 
  • 1 roll included (Length is 118"- you will get so many uses out of it!) 

How To Use: Cut tape to the desired length. Remove one side backing and press firmly to clean dry fabric. Remove the second remaining side of the tape and press to skin to secure the garment. 

Precaution: if irritation occurs, discontinue use. Do not apply to sunburned, irritated or sensitive skin. Remove tape from garment before washing, cleaning or ironing. On delicate fabrics patch test first.

Customer Reviews

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Light and Sturdy

*NOTE* my arms are not as sensitive as my body, it does leave a red irritated spot, but on my arms its ok.
Very light weight and it holds up my bra strap well too. I also use it on my off-the-shoulder dress.


Works super well!! I even got it wet and it held up

Johanna Chalk
It can help with your clothing needs

It helped me hold together a hole till I could sew it up

Loved it!

It works super well! Especially for those gaps between my buttondown shirts! Bought some because I liked it so much for my mom too! *:)

Really good product

I used this to keep my bra straps from falling down and it did the job!! Sometimes a little too well because it would pull skin especially if I wore a backpack that day. For the most part, I didn't feel it there and a little goes a long way even when sweaty. I will continue to buy this product :)