Miss A Birthstone Necklace - Oval



Birthstone necklaces that celebrate your special time of the year!

Material: Copper + Glass *faux gemstone

Length: 18.1" / 46 cm

January Birthstone
Garnet is a symbol of friendship that brings health, wealth + success. It creates a protective + calming vibe - boosting the courage, hope, + self-confidence necessary to do great things. It represents prosperity + abundance. Feel strong, courageous, + wealthy while wearing this!

February Birthstone
Amethyst calms + creates a sense of mental peace, + helps you overcome difficult situations. It symbolizes royalty, hope, + passion. It promotes fanning the spark of new ideas into the flames of passion that bring them to life. Feel hopeful + royal while wearing this!

March Birthstone
Aquamarine brings wisdom, + promotes feelings of tranquility, boosting feelings of hope + creativity levels. Legend says that the aquamarine stones came from mermaid tails! Feel wise, calm, + courageous while wearing this!

April Birthstone
Diamond radiates wealth, happiness, + protection: linked to love, commitment, + health. This stone is a reminder to stay strong through hard times. Feel strong, courageous, + positive while wearing this!

May Birthstone
Emerald is a symbol of abundance + joy. It promotes health, wealth, + faithfulness. Like the spring, this stone radiates freshness + vitality: the life energy of creation. Feel healthy, creative, + joyful while wearing this!

June Birthstone
Alexandrite is the stone of intellect, prosperity, + luck. It radiates physical + spiritual balance. This stone reminds you of who you are + your life purpose while increasing your spiritual capacity. Feel centered, wealthy, + lucky while wearing this!

July Birthstone
Ruby brings harmony, passion, + protection against misfortune. It represents strength, courage, + self-confidence. It helps remove negative energy + elevates the imagination by sparking the senses. Feel wise, harmonious, + passionate while wearing this!

August Birthstone
Peridot helps relieve stress + anger. Linked to peace, good fortune, love, + happiness, it opens the heart + mind to the possibilities of great success + helps the wearer recognize their destiny. Feel courageous, peaceful, + hopeful while wearing this!

September Birthstone
Sapphire is a symbol of royalty, wisdom, + goodwill. It focuses the mind, allowing instinct to lead. This stone releases tension + unwanted thoughts, making more room for lightness + joy. It heightens spiritual power. Feel calm, motivated, + successful while wearing this!

October Birthstone
Tourmaline is called the "healer's stone" because it attracts friendship, empathy, + communication. It symbolizes creativity, hope, + innocence. It's also stress relieving, soothing feelings of sadness + jealousy. Feel creative, hopeful, + confident while wearing this!

November Birthstone
Topaz brings prosperity + abundance, so it's known as the entrepreneur's stone. It minimizes anger + creates calm, wards off evil thoughts, removes negativity, + improves the intellect of the person wearing it! Feel balanced, business-minded, + intellectual while wearing this!

December Birthstone
Blue Topaz makes you feel calm + collected. It relieves frustration, + nervousness, + helps express suppressed feelings. It promotes harmony + relaxation, + prevents anger by cooling tempers. Feel expressive, open, + calm while wearing this!

Customer Reviews

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Love this!

I got the November one (cus my birthday is in November obvi) and it’s so cute!


Super pretty and the perfect size. Just wish one side was a little flatter so it would lay better


Low quality but pretty