Leleváni UV Sterilizer

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Limited Edition Leleváni UV Beauty Sterilizer + Dryer


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The Leleváni Smart Beauty Sterilizer uses UV Light Sterilizing Technology to kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria on your makeup brushes, sponges, tools and gadgets—like phones, keys, toothbrushes and remotes.

The technology used is UV-C germicidal fluorescent light (Philips 4W 6in T5 TUV Germicidal Fluorescent Tube) and a highly reflective interior surface to kill germs within minutes.

For healthy and clear skin, it is so important to keep your makeup brushes, sponges and the tools that you use germ and bacteria-free. Makeup and tools collect dust and germs while they sit on your vanity, and they get deposited to your skin every time you use it, causing irritation, clogged pores and acne. Keep all your tools clean in the Leleváni UV Sterilizer + Dryer and use as storage box, too!

How To Use: 

For Wet Makeup Brushes and Sponges:


After you wash your brushes and sponges with soap and water, squeeze out all the excess water first with a paper towel, and place them in the Leleváni system. Press the AUTO button once, and this will low heat dry the items inside for 60 minutes and then UV sterilize for 10 minutes after. The Leleváni system speeds up the drying time for your brushes and sponges significantly, instead of waiting overnight. Low heat drying will not damaged the brushes and sponges. 


For Electronics and Gadgets (no HEAT):

After you come home, put all your everyday items, like your phone, keys, headphones, wallet into the Leleváni system and press the UV button on top. This will UV light sterilize for 10 minutes to kill all the germs and bacteria that the items have collected throughout the day! Do not use the "Dry" or "Auto" button when you have electronics (batter operated items) inside the Leleváni system. 


* If you suspect that an item may be sensitive to UV-C light, please consult the corresponding manufacturer before using it in the Leleváni system. 

250-280nm wavelength

Width 9.5” / Height 13” / Depth 10.5”

1-Year Limited Warranty.  Our Lelevani UV Sterilizer comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty, ensuring peace of mind and confidence in your purchase! This warranty covers any defects in materials or workmanship that result in the product breaking down during normal use. Please note that this warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidents, or unauthorized modifications by the customer. To qualify for this warranty, the Lelevani must have been purchased directly from our website, www.shopmissa.com. Any damages outside the manufacturer's warranty will only be honored if they fall within our typical damaged item policy, which covers damages caused by delivery or postal negligence. Claims for such damages must be made within 15 days of delivery. For any claims under this warranty, please retain your proof of purchase and contact our customer service team!
An original copy of a sales receipt/order confirmation is required for warranty.

Customer Reviews

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Great so far

I’ve been using this for a week so far & it’s great! I can fit multiple brushes in the bigger slots if I don’t have thicker brushes to put in them. I’ve used it for my phone & keys, too. This is a nifty little thing, although it’s bigger than I expected, I don’t mind it. It’s a perfect size!

Licensed Esthetician/MUA Approved!

This device is GENIOUS!!! Let me start by saying I became a makeup artist over 22 years ago, after I caught a skin infection at a TV network I used to work at. Having such sensitive skin (with multiple allergies) it also became imperative for me to do my own makeup as a model and TV talent back then, taking all precautions to protect my skin. This morphed into a new career for me as a MUA. I was always very careful to not contaminate products in my kit and always disinfected my brushes and palettes before and after using with each client, but there was still that thought: “What if 70% alcohol and/or soap and water aren’t enough?” I also use Cinema Secrets (which kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses), but hate the chemical smell. Enter this wonderful device! 😍 I can sterilize EVERYTHING now: from palettes to brushes to my skin care implements when I do facials. It’s perfect! And it also dries my brushes after deep cleaning them with soap and water in just 60 min. plus 10 min for UV sterilization. Thank you so much Lelevani, Shop Miss A.

Great product

I purchased this to use after I come home from working at a dental office (I'm a hygienist and we're the #1 profession most likely to either contract or spread the virus... Yay me 😒). I use it to put my phone, keys, watch, etc. in and it holds it all. I love the size. Not too big or small. I also use this to dry my makeup brushes after washing them and like the "auto" setting that allows me to start it and walk away until I hear the beep. Well made and the mint color is really pretty.

Also actually purchased this and use it everyday.

This device is great. As soon as I got it home, I washed all of my brushes and beauty sponges. Most of them were actually dry in an hour, which is CRAZY!!! They aren't lying. I was able to use them that night after washing them in the morning. With everything going on, I actually moved it to my entry way table and my husband and myself have been throwing our phone, keys and mask in the system as soon as we get home and letting them run the full 10 min cycle. Great time to come out with this, and for how durable and high-end it feels, not a bad price.

I actually bought, received, and used this product

I purchased this product primarily to sterilze my phone, but also for brush sterilization since I struggle with acne. I opened it today, and while I feel the instructions could be clearer, I was able to pop my phone in on the UV cycle without any problems. It's not the most inexpensive UV sterilizer, but it's bigger than a lot of the others on the market. The addition of the brush drying function makes it a solid purchase for me.