L.A. Colors- Eye Brow Stencil



L.A. Colors- Eye Brow Stencil includes 3 eyebrow shape stencils that help guide you to fill and shape your brows!

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So helpful

I lost my eyebrows from chemo and had to worry about drawing them in for the first time in my life. Previously I had only used a brow gel along with waxing to keep them shaped so I was very nervous to have to start from scratch. These were so helpful! They not only helped me get my eyebrows looking good at first but because of the way you use them I learned how to shape my own eyebrows freehand! I love that these are both useful and a good learning tool. I hope they come back in stock because I have a family member going through chemo hair loss and I want to send her some of these!

Amazing tool

I used it to help shape my eyebrows. I’ve bought a similar product before for a different company but this one is way better cause it’s made out of a flexible material. Also I guess I bought it just in time cause they sold out now lol

Handy little tool

So glad I gave this a try. Shaping & filling in brows is a skill I just don't possess, even with much practice. My eyebows look good for the first time ever! Ordering a backup!

Good stencil for little money

These stencils feel very high quality. They are made out of a soft, silicon-like material that easily adjust to your face shape, making application super easy. You can mix and match the different front and tail parts for your desired shape. The guiding lines are very helpful for getting the right angle.
Only downside: they don't come properly precut, so you have to cut out the shapes yourself. No big deal though, so I'd still recommend them.

Thank you, Martina. I can finally use them now...

I actually got these in a store about a year ago, and was perplexed to discover upon opening them that they had a connected bit of plastic at the arch, which made them very difficult to use. I even tried cutting along the dotted lines, which just ruined one of them. I did not, until reading Martina's lovely review, realize that I could simply cut the plastic connector bit away, and VÒILA, perfectly wonderful, workable stencil. Try an Exacto knife, it works better than scissors...
Yeah, I feel like a genius right now...