Gummy Bear Lip Mask


  • Replenishing lip mask to sooth your mouth
  • Has collagen peptides for a plumper result

Customer Reviews

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Smells goods


I was using this for my hands and its very nice. The skin feels soft to the touch and then scent is ok and fades fairly quickly.. However, upon reading the back of the tub to see if it had dimethicone which I am happy to say that it doesnt include (it makes you feel super soft, but you arent moisturized, just soft from a primer chemical that then evaporates) however, though it is seems to genuinely moisturize nicely it says on the back to "not spread it large areas of the skin" I will keep using it for my hands but not often because I dont know why it says that & it bothers me.

Its okay

It’s literally like water. It’s a very thin consistency but when you touch it to your lips it turns into water. It smells good. It’s actually very hydrating just weird to apply it. The hydration is somewhat long lasting but not the balm. It sinks into lips quickly then it’s gone. Overall just not the best. Has good ingredients though.


ShopMissA has mostly hits for me but this is a miss. Its thin, stinky (not so bad that I wouldnt use it, if it were a nice thick consistency, but I shall be using it as a gel lotion elsewhere not on my lips) and the best part about it was that it came with a spatula (I will use the spatula with the Spathecary Body Butter to scoop that it doesnt even really work well with this lip "mask" because its too runny and doesnt place it on the lips well). So, not a total waste of money, but not great.

Hi! We appreciate your feedback and apologize that this item didn't work out for you! If you're interested, we have the Paw Paw: JelliJam Lip Sleeping Mask that has a thicker consistency and a lighter scent!

Lip mask?

I would not consider this a lip mask at all. Nor a lip balm even. It's more like a very light water gel cream (the ones used as facial moisturizers). It absorbs like a moisturizer and is gone within seconds. BUT I guess that it is moisturizing. Doesn't taste or smell horrible, but not good either. I wouldn't have paid $1.88 for it tbh.