By Kara

Eyelashes - 015


100% human hair, high quality, natural looking eyelashes. For daily use. Easy to apply, comfortable to wear. Can be used multiple times if used and removed properly.

Customer Reviews

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Love it!!

I got many compliments when wearing these lashes! I normally go for less dramatic styles when buying falsies, but I decided to try something new and I am so glad I did! Definitely purchasing more!


Awesome product. The lashes are a little on the dramatic side, not for everyday wear but still are really good quality.

Not recommended for small eyes

I'm Chinese, with double eyelids / hooded eyes that are pretty (iimssm!) but small. This lash looked weird on me because 1) the lash length was too long, especially towards the outer corners, and the dramatic thin "spikes" looked slightly ridiculous, and 2) the lash band was stiff and makes it impossible to stay flush on my eyelid. Though I wiggled and jiggled it, and even curled it with my eyelash curler a few times before applying adhesive, the inner corners refused to stay down (on one eye) or the inner corner would stick and torque the whole strip weirdly so that the lash spikes stuck straight up instead of fluttering forward naturally (on the other eye). It was quite a nightmare and I was glad I only tried the lashes on at home.

If you have bigger eyes maybe this lash will look beautiful on you and the stiffness will work (it is probably a durable lash that can be worn multiple times), but this style just wasn't for me.

For reference my eyelids are about 32mm long and I usually cut my strip lashes down to ~27mm.