By Misty

ESFOLIO Essence Mask Sheet - Red Ginseng




Nourishes skin and helps skin retain moisture. Wash and dry face, apply sheet mask to face and leave on for up to 20 minutes for skin that is soothed and refreshed! Perfect for dry or sensitive skin.

  • Made In Korea

Customer Reviews

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My favorite mask!

I’ve used a lot of face masks and I have to say that this one is my favorite! It has a heavy earthy smell being that it is ginseng. This mask smooths the face and gives it slight firming properties. I always keep these stocked up at home! 10/10!

I love the smell!!

I bought to try it out and loved it! For the price, it does pretty good. I love the smell of ginseng, it's so earthy. The essence soaked right into my skin and moisturized/hydrated very well. No stickiness. I will be repurchasing!

Smells Weird

I won't lie the smell caught me completely off guard but that didn't stop me from trying it. I left it on for 20 minutes and then took it off. My skin looked shiny. Its the next morning and it feels amazing. I will purchase this again when it's in stock. I just don't like the smell but it works!

In Love

So, I put this on for 20 minutes, fearing that the smell would be terrible based on all these reviews...and I actually loved the smell. It actually made me hungry, so I was eating a snack while wearing it! It really does leave you feeling moisturized. My face looked more brightened, and the red spots I had didn't really go away, but my face felt smooth anyway. I'm not sure if my face would get better by continuing to put this mask on daily, but it feels like something to be tried.


It is really good as a face mask, it does the job well and it hydrates and refreshes the skin well but it has a specific smell which is not very pleasant... The smell decreases a tiny bit while you have it on but it still smells a lot (and especially the pack with the excess liquid) so keep that in mind!