By Zuri

Difeel Hair Oil & Mask- Tea Tree



Made with 100% natural oil- helps soothe itchy, dry scalp.

Apply the mask to clean, wet hair. Leave in for about 5-7 minutes and rinse thoroughly. Then towel dry hair and work the oil into the hair concentrating on the ends of the hair. 

Customer Reviews

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Love it

Leaves hair silky smooth

I usually don't like hair oils, but this hair mask left my hair very soft and nice and it's prevented my hair from falling so much

Works great when used properly

Difeel is my favorite brand of hair mask treatments, the mask works great. U used it in the shower, worked it from root to tip, lathered it up nicely and left it in for a good 30 minutes, rinsed it out when I finished up my routine, after I towel dried, I worked some oil into my damp hair. I was kinda worried bc most oils are heavy on my hair but as it dried, it left my bleached hair soft shiny and manageable. Would highly reccomend using with the vitamin e hair mask

Mixed feelings

This was my first time trying and Im having mixed feelings on this product.

The packaging is a decent size but what you get inside isnt much. The amount of the treatment was only enough for my roots only. That was fine for me since i only wanted to put it there.

The downs of this treatment was the smell. It smells unpleasant. To me it smells like pepermint mixed with vicks. Gross!! It also has that greasy feel of vicks on the hair even though its a cream constancy.

Also product says can be used on colored hair but it did remove some of the color tint to my roots. Not to please about that. Also it made my hair a bit dry after shower.

The good thing about it was my scalp feels very clean and not dry/itchy.

The oil part smells really nice. I liked it alot and was excited to use but while applying i noticed how small of an amount i was actually given. I spread it as best as possible threw my whole head but wasnt enough.

My scalp gets dry at times from dying for so many years but i take good care of my hair so its always soft. I have long 18-24 inch hair thats thick and curly. If you have hair like mine and want to use for more then ur scalp i suggest you get more then one pack.

Would i purchase again? Most likely not.
Would i recommend? Sure if you dont mind the smell, it does clean the scalp.

MissA, it would be nice to buy just the hair oil in a jar or something with more product. The smell was very nice and i do like the oils for when i straighten my hair.