AOA Skin Chin Lifting Mask for V-Line Shaping - Green Tea + Vitamin C



Derma Renew: Designed with ingredients suitable for all skin types. Use Derma Daily to balance, soothe + nourish the skin.

AOA Skin Chin Lifting Mask contours the chin area while lifting + sculpting the lower part of the face + jawline. Chin Patch mask tones the under chin area + jawline for maximum lifting.  Active ingredients help soothe + hydrate the skin while using the mask, leaving skin more nourished, moisturized + radiant.

*For maximum, long-lasting effects, use mask regularly.

🍵 Green Tea (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract)
A powerful anti-aging antioxidant that fights damage from UV rays + combats signs of premature aging.

🍊 Vitamin C
A powerful ingredient that reduces the appearance of dark spots + hyperpigmentation, + improves skin's texture.


  1. REMOVE FILM peel away backing, with the v-shaped, grooved side facing up.
  2. STRETCH align the mask on your chin + stretch it to fit both sides of the face.
  3. WEAR loop the holes over both ears while pressing the mask along the jawline.
  4. REMOVE remove after 30 minutes of use + lightly massage.

❣️ Clean formula
❣️ Anti-aging
❣️ Contours + sculpts
❣️ Hydrating

* One mask included. 

Ingredients: Green Tea Extract, Hydrogel, Glycerin, Vitamin C

Customer Reviews

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Excited to give this a try and love the use of clean ingredients!


I feel like these do what they say they do. I definitely intend to buy more and keep them in my routine. I'm 31 and need help with skin firming. These do the job I feel.