AOA Shadow Armor - Eyeshadow Fallout Patches


Shadow Armor is a self-adhesive patch that is placed under the eyes before doing makeup to catch eyeshadow fallout and obtain a smudge free, flawless makeup application.
  • Catches Shadow Fallout
  • Perfect for Cat Eye + Winged Eyeliner Lines
  • Prevents Messy Mascara Smudges

How To Use:
Take an under eye patch and tap it a few times on the back of your hand to ease the sticker. Apply under the eye. Do this BEFORE you do your foundation routine. Create your beautiful eye look, with shadows, eyeliner and mascara and even apply false lashes. After creating your look, remove the eye pad and finish off by applying foundation and concealer to the face. One time use only. Keeps face clean for foundation application.

Qty: 14 Patches (7 pairs)


Customer Reviews

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Catches the sparkles great

Please sell larger bulk packages!

Minus one star because you only get enough for one week of daily use out of a pack and I keep having to come back for more. It would be so much better if you sold them in larger amounts. That being said, I know the directions tell you to use them before your foundation and I was worried they might not work for me for a few reasons, first off - I'm just not one of those people who can do their eye makeup first and then go back and do my face. I do my face first so I'm starting with my blank canvas, and I was worried these either wouldn't stick over my makeup or stick too much and pull my makeup off under my eyes when I was finished using them. But I'm happy to report that these are super gentle on my crepey under eye skin and even stick well while I have extra powder on baking my under eye area. If you place them accordingly they can help you get a perfect smokey lower lash line with shadow and also keep lower lash mascara smudges from happening. These save me so much valuable time getting ready. Just please stop making me come back to order so much!


Perfect to residue off of your face. My second order of these.


Love all the stuff I have ordered


These work amazing my eyeliner is always sharp