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AOA Shadow Armor - Eyeshadow Fallout Patches

SKU: AOA-0007



Shadow Armor is a self-adhesive patch that is placed under the eyes before doing makeup to catch eyeshadow fallout and obtain a smudge free, flawless makeup application.

  • Catches Shadow Fallout
  • Perfect for Cat Eye + Winged Eyeliner Lines
  • Prevents Messy Mascara Smudges

How To Use:
Take an under eye patch and tap it a few times on the back of your hand to ease the sticker. Apply under the eye. Do this BEFORE you do your foundation routine. Create your beautiful eye look, with shadows, eyeliner and mascara and even apply false lashes. After creating your look, remove the eye pad and finish off by applying foundation and concealer to the face. One time use only. Keeps face clean for foundation application.

Qty: 14 Patches (7 pairs)


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