AOA Satin Hair Bonnet

SKU: AOA-2451

AOA Satin Sleeping Bonnet
pull-on • double-lined protects hair from breakage
95% polyester + 5% spandex
diameter: 12.5" / 32 cm

Luxurious protection for hair
Satin Hair Bonnet protects your hair from damage + preserves your style. Wear to maintain hair moisture + avoid pillowcase friction, which can cause dryness + split ends. Features a double-lined satin cap to reduce breakage, tangles, + frizz while protecting curls, edges, baby hairs, short hair, braids, lace fronts, extensions, + more.

Many ways to use
SLEEPING keeps hair frizz + tangle-free, protects bedding from hair oils, + wetness
DOING SKINCARE keeps hair away from your face during cleansing + masking
GLAM STYLE wear as a head cover for spa, around the house, or for cancer + chemo patients

Why you will love it:
HIGH-QUALITY soft satin + double-lined
COZY pull-on + comfortable
STRETCHY cozy elastic won’t cause headaches or leave marks
ANTI-BREAKAGE prevents split ends + keeps hair healthy
HYDRATING helps retain hair moisture

washing instructions: machine-wash in cool water on a low or gentle cycle. Hand-wash with cold water and mild detergent. Air dry, lay flat, or hang to dry. To avoid damage do not hang with clothespins. Do not twist or wring while wet or permanent wrinkles will occur. Remove excess water with a towel then air dry. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
happy daughter
hairstyle stays perfect forr a week!

Mom wanted this after she recently got her hair cut shorter and permed. It exceeds our expectations. She sleeps very comfortably, and her hair is perfect every morning wen she awakens.


Best bonnet! It does not come off at night and keeps my hair protected. I own all the colors and multiple of the black!

Fatoumata k Diallo
It so soft and cute

I love it

Heather Schiffer

I use it often and it’s pretty good. I have medium length hair so if ur hair is long this is prob not for u

works great

I wear these every night for my hair. I like this very much and you can't beat this price point.