ReUse-able Tote: Zero Waste

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Reuse Collection Tote! 

This great lightweight reuse-able tote is perfect to take with you to the grocery store, shopping, everyday work/school bag, travel tote and more! Comes with a pouch to store it, with keyring so you can keep it with you at all times. 

Part of the proceeds from this bag will be donate to our local charities that champion less waste and help to keep the environment clean! The Re-Use Charity collection strives to provide products that can be used over and over so that we can produce less waste in this world. 

Say NO to plastic bags and one time use paper bags! 


Size is Approximately 13" x 13: 

Handle drop length is 7"

100% Polyester

Customer Reviews

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Great little totes and fun designs

Great little totes on the smaller side but works great for a quick trip for a few items.

love it!

The bag is very cute, i love the color and the material. Can fit more than you would think at first, it is very roomy. The fact that you can fold it up, put it away, and clip it to your bag or jeans is so convenient and helpful.

Sad I Didn't Get 2 👍

When I first got this, I was nervous that it would be too small but I'm only kicking myself that I didn't get 2. It's a medium sized bag and can fit a lot of small items but for reference, imagine one of those big packs of pads that have like 40, you could fit 1 of those in there so it's really good to buy something really quick and be environmentally conscious at the same time. I really like the bag itself and it's really convenient to be able to clip it to my jeans. Now, it's just the matter of telling the cashier I have a bag before they pull one out.

Worth it!

Love this bag! And I love that it comes with a carrying pouch so I can keep it clipped on my bag to easily pull out when shopping! Trying to save the ocean by eliminating 1 plastic bag at a time!!

The size is small-medium but sturdy

I've used them shopping a few times now and I absolutely love it!