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AOA Pro Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette - Black Small

SKU: AOA-0892

Keep your eyeshadows organized + create your ready-to-go palette with all the shades you love!
  • This luxurious eyeshadow palette holds up to 9 individual eyeshadows or 4 large blush, bronzer, or highlighter pans.
  • Perfect to travel with multiple eyeshadows, all in one place.
  • Size: 4.1" x 4.1" x 0.6"

Customer Reviews

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Rhonda Neveau
AOA magnet eyeshadow palette

For 5 dollars you could bet that. Love it in my collection

Definitely worth it

This magnetic eyeshadow palette is a bargain! It's a quality product and others sell similar ones at twice the cost. The shell is heavy-duty cardboard to withstand being tossed around in a makeup bag, yet the print is so pretty. The palette magnet holds eyeshadow pans tightly and there is a bonus mirror! Fits Miss A single shadows perfectly, but can be used for any type of metal makeup pan. Have another eyeshadow palette/blush/pressed powder with a cracked or broken lid? Pop out the pans, put them in here, and no more fallout in the bottom of your makeup bag. I actually keep a spare Miss A magnetic palette on hand in case this happens to my products. Have several eyeshadow palettes, but only use one or two colors out of them? Pop out your favorites and put them in here - you keep your favorites close to hand and can move the lesser used shadows to a different location, freeing up valuable real estate in your makeup bag/tower/counter. You will be so pleased with these and they have so many uses - definitely add one to your order.

Kim T

AOA Pro Magnetic Eyeshadow Palette - Black Small