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AOA Pro Eyelash Book

SKU: AOA-0840

  • This luxurious eyelash book holds up to 16 pairs of eyelashes 
  • Keep your eyelashes organized, free of dust and easy to find!
  • Perfect to travel with multi pairs of eyelashes all in one place 
  • Convenient to put lashes back after use
  • Book size is 11" x 9" 

Customer Reviews

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Kind of cheap but good idea

This is the perfect product if you're tired of having a bunch of bulky single eyelash packages taking up space. I transferred them over easily and they look nice in this book. The plastic piece the lashes go on isn't attached to the back of the book though so it can shake around a bit, and the front plastic window feels cheap. Overall I'm happy but wish it was nicer for the money.


I bought one of these, I should have gotten more when I had the chance because they're really great. PLEASE RESTOCK!! 😭


If you have a large lash collection I highly recommend. It has helped reduce the clutter in volumes. The lash book is sturdy and sleek.

Great for storage

Have you ever wanted a great way to store your lashes? Have you ever tried to kill an insect on the vanity only to realize it's your lashes from the night before? If you answered yes to these questions, invest in this storage system to help you out. Saves me from repeatedly buying the same lashes because I would just throw them away rather than try to save them. It's the size of a large eye palette, so I store it in the same section. Nice idea and greatly executed for the value.

Good for the price, a little bulky

I wish this lash book was a little slimmer, or it had a few more spaces for eyelashes—20 pairs would be ideal. I wanted to use this for travel as i’m a makeup artist, but the book is a little too thick to fit comfortably in my Relavel bag top zipper which defeats the purpose for kit condensing. Overall, I will be using it for my personal lash collection but wish they would come out with a more streamlined option with a less metallic backing. Makes it hard to see which lash style you are choosing due to the light reflection