AOA Nail Polish Strips: Duyun



Get an easy mess-free manicure, instantly!

Bye-bye drying time! Create a perfect mani in minutes – just peel, stick, press + file!

Includes 14 nail stickers + a double-sided nail file.

How to use:

  1. Starting with clean, dry nails, push cuticles back.
  2. Select the best sticker fit for each nail. Pro Tip: Choose exact or slightly smaller nail size.
  3. Place nail sticker near your cuticle, then press down + smooth over.
  4. Fold down excess over the tip of your nail + gently file downwards. Pro Tip: Apply a clear top coat for a glossy, longer-lasting finish.

How to remove:

  1. Gently peel off the nail sticker.
  2. Use nail polish remover to remove any stubborn residue.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
The best nail wraps on Miss A

I love Miss A nail wraps and I've tried a ton of them, and I can tell you that a bunch of them are different materials and some work better than others. These are the best. They last longer than most of them, at least a week with a top coat and being careful not to soak them in water. And I get soo many compliments. I buy them in bulk!

Cute and long lasting

LOVED the bright blue color and the pink really popped , i got so many compliments ! so far its day 4, thats pretty good for me and they do not feel like they will come off anytime soon


Super cute!


I have very short nails and usually these kind of products look terrible as they normally cut off the designs in weird ways and then refuse to stay on. These look lovely on my nails and with a top coat they have lasted well over a week without any chipping (even through lots of handwashing and showers). These have lasted better than most of my traditional polish as well!

I kept these on for seven days and they were still going strong!

Application was pretty straightforward; line up at the cuticle on a clean nail with dry base coat, trim down excess a bit (optional, benefits shorter nails) and file the edges flush, seal with a top coat.
They lasted through PC & handheld console. Gaming, lots of keyboard typing for work, cooking everything for Thanksgiving, grocery shopping, so much hand washing, all of the showers and hair washing, more texts and phone use than I care to admit. Nothing made these want to quit!

Some credit is due to my clear base and top coats, that's a huge recommendation for these polish stickers - - helps keep them on and protected, learned this ages ago with other brands.

Removal was simple; a little nail polish remover to break down the clear coat, stickers peeled right off once I lifted a corner, then more polish remover for a tiny bit of sticky residue and the base coat.