AOA Heat-free Satin Hair Curling Rod - Purple

SKU: AOA-1981

Good hair days start at night!

Frizz-free, perfect waves, + curls for all hair types! No matter your style, add heat + damage-free volume to your hair while you sleep, do chores, run errands + more!

🦋 Heat-free + Gentle
⚡️ Reduces Frizz
♻️ Reusable 
👌 Easy
1" x 33.75"
(2.7 x 86 cm)
4-pc Set includes:
1 curling rod, 1 claw clip, + 2 scrunchies

Customer Reviews

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This has worked better than others I've used- I think because it's a bit softer and easier to figure out. Highly recommend! Great heatless curls. & Cute color


My hair is still curly after 2days


I was REALLY looking forward to receiving these. I’ve been seeing them all over online, but for double or triple the price here. I definitely wanted to give this trend a shot, because I am not very good at doing my hair, so I need something simple like this. Plus, it saves a lot of time. I can’t be bothered to style my hair if it takes longer than like, 10 minutes. This product is perfect for people like me, who don’t want to spend a lot of time on their hair, but still want to look put together. Thanks, Shop Miss A! 💗 UPDATE: Attached is a picture of my hair after using this item.

Curled the uncurlable hair

Due to a combination of multiple autoimmune disorders I had to have a hysterectomy at 25. Afterwords my hair changed a lot. Half of it tries to be wavy but the rest is still straight and refuses to wave or curl. Thus meaning if I don't straighten my hair it's a mess. So I end up just putting it in a high pony due to its long length. I dye it beautiful colors but never feel like I can show it off. Then this came along. I have a weak right arm after a car accident 2 years ago and can't use a Curling iron even if they did work but I could easily use this with minimal weakness issues. It was fairly quick and super comfortable compared to any other Curling options I've ever tried to sleep in. When the moment came I expected the usual disappointment but I was wrong. Beautiful loose waves. I didn't wrap it tight enough for curls but there's a learning curve to it, it seems. I used the curlers to lift your bangs area also from ShopMissA and went to see the barbie movie feeling like a doll myself. Total game changer for a disabled hair and makeup enthusiast like myself.

Works ok

This set works ok for what it is. My hair is hard to curl and doesn't like to hold a curl if you can even get it to curl in the first place. I have better luck when I use something while it's wet and let it dry curly, that's typically the only way my hair will hold a curl. I have some other brands wet curling sets too and this one works about as well as any of them. I think the design would be better if it were longer and able to wrap back around to the top of your head to tie off as that's the design I've found works best over all brands. For the price here this one is a good set for sure.