AOA Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads

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Replace your disposable cotton rounds with our reusable makeup removing pads. Designed to last for years of use

Available in 2 Pads Set or 20 Pads VALUE PACK

2 Layer textured bamboo cotton- perfect for removing makeup and gently exfoliating the skin

Add your favorite makeup remove or cleanser and wash off. Can also be used with a face exfoliator. 

Machine washable 

Size 8cm diameter

**Free Cotton Laundry Bag Included in 20 pad Value Pack** put used cotton pads inside tie it closed and throw into the washing machine! 

80% Bamboo Fiber/ 20% Polyester


Customer Reviews

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I love these! They work very well.


really great

Love that they are reusable!

Nice, travel friendly, durable, reusable, and they wash well. Really like the bamboo fabric. Love the size, but I also wish there was an option to buy one double this size, for body. (Maybe one bigger size for the same price as these 2? Just a brainstorm.)


loved them

Finally black ones!

I've had a set of these by another brand for a few years now (it came with 14 pads, two for each day for a week, and a mesh bag to toss them in with your laundry for washing) and as much as I love them, they were horribly stained. Between black eye makeup and red lipstick and anything long wearing or very pigmented, they just looked a mess. I was so excited to see black ones on here! First I just got the two bc I wanted to make sure they were decent quality and held up to washing before getting more and they're everything I was hoping for so I'm back for more! The set of 20 is a steal and I love how one side is ever so slightly more textured with the other being very soft. Now I can leave them out in a little dish on my bathroom counter and don't feel the need to hide them bc they're so gross looking. And it's helped me get better about my cleansing routine even on no makeup days, since the others were out of sight/out of mind unless I needed them. They can be hand washed easily, but if you're getting more than just a couple I'd highly recommend getting one of the small mesh laundry bags they sell on here to put them in so you can toss them in the wash easily without any getting lost. Trust me when I say that I learned the hard way that you don't want these floating around loose in your wash load bc I definitely lost a few to that strange place all the missing socks go when you put two in and only one comes out. Lol.