A+ Gel Lined Heel and Elbow Spa Cover

From $1.88

  • Say goodbye to dry heels and elbows 
  • Gel lined + essential oils
  • Locks in moisture and helps repair dry, cracked skin
  • After use, hand wash with cold water and soap and lay flat to dry
  • Cover Sold individually ($1.88) or as a pair ($3.76)
  • 3 style Spa Bundle includes: 2 pieces gloves, 2 pieces socks, 2 pieces elbow/heel toeless covers

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews

Love these for when the heels of my feet get crusty!

Frustrating AF...

I'm so tired of everything I want to try being sold out, over and over, and within 1-2 days of restock notices. Honestly it's ridiculous and also shady... its getting really old, and seriously about to become a deal breaker for me ordering anything else at all. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️


So soft on the outside. Soft silicone on the inside. I plan on buying several more sets for friends

Softer heels!

I've had rough, cracked heels for years, and after using these, they're much softer and no longer have cracks. I use them after I shower, with some lotion/cream, oil, and Vaseline, and leave them on for 1-2 hours (personal preference). Your feet will feel extremely soft (almost damp) after taking them off, but that goes away after a few minutes, and you're left with more normal-feeling skin.

These do have a rose scent, which I enjoy. If you don't like roses that much, it shouldn't be too big a problem, since I really only smell it when I'm putting them on or sitting criss-cross (so when they're within a few feet of my nose). Otherwise, if I'm walking around or laying in bed, I don't smell them. I do wish these came in other colors, as well as a scentless option, since I'd like to get them for male relatives/friends, or people who don't like pink/roses.

Comfortable and cozy

Love these socks. They don't slide around any where and they are so comfortable! Put a nice and heavy cream on the heels at night with these socks on and your heels are so soft in the morning.