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A+: Canvas Brush Pouch

SKU: AOA-9300


✏️With the support from our amazing customers we were able to start a new Charity program at Miss A called the "A+ Education Charity". Products sold through this A+ collection will help us support Children's education- from providing school supplies & books, building schools where needed, and much more! Thank you so much! 

✏️This canvas brush pouch fits full sized makeup brushes! Perfect for travel to put in all your makeup brushes in one convenient lightweight pouch! 


* this product is ONLY for the bag, no brushes included!

Size of bag is 4.5" x 8" 



Why Are Some Products Not $1?

We offer Charity Edition Collections made exclusively with one mission in mind: to give back. These collections support causes like, standing against animal testing and abuse to supporting education and more. A portion of proceeds from sales go towards organizations making a difference in the world we believe in. Learn more.


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