A+ Gel Lined Heel and Elbow Spa Cover

From $1.88

  • Say goodbye to dry heels and elbows 
  • Gel lined + essential oils
  • Locks in moisture and helps repair dry, cracked skin
  • After use, hand wash with cold water and soap and lay flat to dry
  • Cover Sold individually ($1.88) or as a pair ($3.76)
  • 3 style Spa Bundle includes: 2 pieces gloves, 2 pieces socks, 2 pieces elbow/heel toeless covers

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Surprisingly awesome purchase….would recommend!!!

I didn’t know what to expect when I purchased these. I use them on my heels, after showering and moisturizing. What a big difference a small item makes! They are magical, and comfortable to wear. Easy to clean. Suggest to anyone considering try them out!


Love these for when the heels of my feet get crusty!

Frustrating AF...

I'm so tired of everything I want to try being sold out, over and over, and within 1-2 days of restock notices. Honestly it's ridiculous and also shady... its getting really old, and seriously about to become a deal breaker for me ordering anything else at all. 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️


So soft on the outside. Soft silicone on the inside. I plan on buying several more sets for friends

Softer heels!

I've had rough, cracked heels for years, and after using these, they're much softer and no longer have cracks. I use them after I shower, with some lotion/cream, oil, and Vaseline, and leave them on for 1-2 hours (personal preference). Your feet will feel extremely soft (almost damp) after taking them off, but that goes away after a few minutes, and you're left with more normal-feeling skin.

These do have a rose scent, which I enjoy. If you don't like roses that much, it shouldn't be too big a problem, since I really only smell it when I'm putting them on or sitting criss-cross (so when they're within a few feet of my nose). Otherwise, if I'm walking around or laying in bed, I don't smell them. I do wish these came in other colors, as well as a scentless option, since I'd like to get them for male relatives/friends, or people who don't like pink/roses.