AOA Studio Eyelashes - Isabella

SKU: LASH-1524


These AOA Studio eyelashes in Isabella offer a full and dimensional appearance with wispy ends for a super flirty look!

    • 100% Natural Human Hair
    • Made in Indonesia
    • High Quality & Beautiful Style
    • Lightweight and Comfortable 
    • Can be used multiple times if removed properly 
    • Worldwide Shipping
    * Each eyelash is handmade and put together. There may be slight differences from one to another. 


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      LOVE !!!

      My favourites lashes everrrrr , they are so dramatic and wispy.

      Love them

      MINK LASHES WHO? I love these and alll the other AOA LASHES they’re super affordable and look expensive af . this particular pair is double lashes so it gives u a very full look . Love them check me out on IG MUEFEE 💋

      No... Just no

      I bought these because they looked absolutely beautiful in photos but when I received them and put them on yesterday, they just looked a hot mess! I had a bad feeling when I saw them in the package that they looked a little cheap and one of the eyelashes was hanging off of the placement on the plastic. I was so disappointed wearing these yesterday because the band is so thick that it will not stay down even with the best glue. It kept lifting and there was a defect at the end of the band so it had a huge lump sticking out and you couldn't cut it off without cutting off over half the lash which isn't long enough anyway if you have bigger eyes. I definitely would not purchase this style again.