How to Put on Fake Eyelashes

fake eyelashes
Everyone can learn how to apply false eyelashes with dedication and practice without having ever worked as a beauty therapist. Whether it is the traditional adhesive lashes or magnetic eyelashes, all you need is a little guidance to know exactly what to do. This article breaks down the process you can use to put on fake eyelashes in simple steps. After reading through the material, you should find it extremely easy to apply false eyelashes any day.

Step 1: Choose Eyelashes Befitting Your Eyes

It is a mistake to assume that all false eyelash strips can fit around your eyes. Be sure to choose one with a shape similar to that of your eyes to avoid unnecessary disappointments. Check if you have round, monolid, hooded, almond, downturned, or upturned eyes.

Curled lashes lift and enhance the eyes’ curve shape and are the best for round eyes. Shorter eyelashes with fuller outer corners are the best if you have monolid, upturned, or downturned eyes. Anyone with hooded eyes needs long, fluttery false eyelashes, concentrated just above the pupils to open the eyes at the center. For almond eyes, any style of fake lashes would do just fine.

Step 2: Apply Eyeliner and Remove the Fake Lashes from the Box

Before applying fake eyelashes, apply black eyeliner to your upper lash line to conceal the falsies’ base. Now you can remove the lashes from the box, careful not to damage hairs, bend lashes, or create sparse spots on the strips. The best way to handle the lashes is to gently roll down the bands using your fingertips to get the glue loose. You can start from the outer corner and move in slowly until all the glue is loosened.

Step 3: Loosen the Lash Strip Spine

When learning how to apply false eyelashes, one of the most important steps is to size the lashes to see if they fit your lash line curvature. Therefore, you should soften the strip to prevent the lashes from popping up at both corners as you prepare to apply the glue. You can do that by wrapping the strand around a pen, makeup brush, or your finger. With that, you can decide if you need to loosen the fake eyelashes further. If the spine can’t stay around your eyes, run your fingernail gently over it (the spine).

Step 4: Measure the Fake Lashes Against Your Eye

Pick up the lashes using fingers of tweezers and out along your eye’s lash line to find out if you should trim it down any further. Ideally, fake eyelashes shouldn’t cover any area outside where your natural lashes are. If you break that rule, it would be hard for the fake lashes to stay in place. If they do, they will irritate your eyes. Once you apply them, fake eyelashes should begin two to four hairs inward. Otherwise, it can cause droopy-looking eyes.

Step 5: Trim the Lashes

Identify the parts of the lashes that need trimming and cut the spine using lash scissors from the outside. Lash manufacturers deliberately add extra length to the outer ends to cater to the need to trim them. Once you have trimmed the lashes, cut them into quarters to make application easier. This helps each lash section to hold more snugly and prevent popups.

Step 6: Apply Glue to the Spine

Before applying the eyelash glue, pour it into a cup and use a cotton swab stem or a bobby pin edge to evenly apply a thin layer of glue on the lash spine. If you neglect that, you could end up using too much glue, resulting in wasted time as you wait for it to dry. Unless you have set aside the whole day for applying mascara, apply only a little glue and wait for several seconds for it to adhere to the lash spine. Also, do not blow the glue to get it to dry since that can transfer germs from your mouth to your eyes. Now you can apply the lash to your eyes.

Step 8: Apply the Strips to Your Lash Line

The best position of a lash strip is at the beginning of your natural lashes. Using tweezers, place the middle of the strip beginning with the center of the eye before nudging inner and outer corners along the rest of the lash line. Check that the fake eyelashes are in place before gently pinching together your natural and fake lashes until they blend completely. When you are through, there should be no lash gaps in your lash line.

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