AOA Studio Eyelashes - Flare Short

SKU: LASH-1551


These individual flare lashes in SHORT, can be applied very naturally as accents or on top of other false lashes for extra volume! 

  • 100% Natural Human Hair
  • Made in Indonesia
  • High Quality & Beautiful Style
  • Lightweight and Comfortable 
  • Can be used multiple times if removed properly 
  • Worldwide Shipping

* Each eyelash is handmade and put together. There may be slight differences from one to another. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 14 reviews

    These are perfect for anyone wanting to do their own lashes; cheap, good quality and with MissA's point tip tweezers and glue, super easy to install!

    Angela Michelle Clark
    Short flare lashes extremely long.

    Hello:). I am happy with my purchases. However if I had to put forward just an FYI , the “short “ flare lashes” are really long. I will look for “extra short “ for my next purchase. I go through a TON of lashes … and still think they are too long for “shorts”. I will continue to try new products. Thank you .

    Aaron Ellerbrock
    Great lashes at a fantastic price!

    I was so sad that Shop Miss A was out of stock on individual lashes for a bit. No surprise there with the supply chain issues. I am a pro makeup artist (26 years in the biz) and need lashes for every client. So I bought another brand (name brand too) for much more than I pay at Shop Miss A. I thought they would work fine while I waited for my normal lashes to come in. I was wrong!! The other brand's lashes were almost useless. I would say half of them would stick to the tray so badly that when I would pull them off, it would ruin the lash. So not only was I spending 5X as much, I was wasting half the product. I actually did a happy dance when my Shop Miss A lashes became available. These are by far the best lashes at the best price!!

    Nataliya Kovchan
    Best lashes ever!

    I love these lashes and always use them for my clients. Highly recommend to everyone!

    autymn torwalt
    Please restock

    please restock these soon!! i want to order a bunch of stuff but i want to do it all at once