Star & Spiral Screw Safety Chain Bead Charm

Miss A


Miss A

åÊAccent your bracelet or necklace with this cute star and spiral chained bead charm!

With a silveråÊsafetyåÊchain that connects two star and spiralåÊbeads, you can double the fun. Wear it with any color, and let it reflect its classic, yet subtle shimmer against your skin. TheåÊsafety chain is a åÊMUST-HAVEåÊessential for your bead collection.



How to Use the Safety Chain:

(1) Twist to Screw first part of the safety chain ALL THE WAY down the bracelet to the end. åÊThe screws are made to fit very tightly, so twist firmly when passing through the sectional dividers.

(2) The other part of the safety chain should NOT be connected to the bracelet yet. åÊAnd Fill your bracelet with all your charms.

(3) Twist to screw the second part of the safety chain charm the the end of the bracelet to secure your bead.

(4) Yay! Now your charms are safe on your bracelet and the safety chainåÊwill prevent the bracelet from just falling right off your wrist.


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