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Gift Set: Ready Set, Summer Bronze! Kit


$10 $14

This AOA Studio and a2o Lab collaboration Ready, Set Summer Bronze! Kit is everything you need for a perfectly prepped face with a bronzed, glowy, all-day lasting finish! This Moonstone bronzer is perfect for any skin tone, light or dark! 

This 5 piece set includes: 

1 AOA Large Fan Brush

1 AOA Mattifying Primer 

1 a2o Lab Primer Spray

1 a2o Lab Setting Spray

1 a2o Rainbow Spectrum Highlighter in Moonstone 


Spray the a2o Lab Primer Spray to your clean face. Then apply either the AOA Studio mattifying primer. Follow up your regular foundation routine and then apply the Rainbow Spectrum Highlighter in Moonstone with your AOA Fan Brush. Set all of your makeup in place by spraying the a2o Setting Spray all over! 



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