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Mega Care Oil Hair Treatment- Jamaican Black Castor

SKU: COS-1966


The complex oils and nutrients of the Mega Care Hair Oil guarantee fast, effective and natural-looking results. These oils provide immediate benefits to the skin and hair with natural botanicals like Argan, Olive, and Jojoba to help provide deep moisturizing, de-frizzing and strengthening! 

Helps stimulate healthy hair growth

45 mL

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Will probably buy again

It’s a good oil! The scent is isn’t too strong and it gets absorbed into my hair well.

Carrie Ann Brown
Quality is good.

This smells nice, good quality oil for my hair, and even my skin. Will buy more this is a deal

Please bring this back!!!!!

I honestly contemplated not reviewing this so people wouldn't know how great it is and I could buy more when it restocks. I thought better though so here I am. First, this smells fantastic. I've used caster oil before, I actually just bought another bottle from difeel from marshals yesterday for $6 and it's the regular caster smell which is nice but no where close to this. Second, since I've started using this my hair has been incredibly soft and seems to be growing pretty quickly. I had chemo and a stem cell transplant so I was bald all of 6 months ago. I like to put this in my hair, if I am doing it as an everyday treatment I use very little and mostly like to use it to slick down flyaways. Before I shower at least once a week I like to completely cover my head in this and put on a shower cap and then use this other gadget I got on SheIn ($3) to attach to my blow dryer which turns it into a hot cap. Then after I add some hair mask, also from miss a (I use different versions) and do another 10 under the dryer and then I wash it all out by washing twice. My hair turns out so smooth and silky, so soft, and smells amazing.

So, my main point I guess is, Miss A, please please please bring this back, please make it a perm product that you carry because I've tried, no one else carries this in the one oz tube, not even the difeel site!!

bigger than expected.

i honestly thought it’d be very very small. i haven’t used it yet.