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Euphoria Blue Bundle- Maddy


$8 $9.55

It's finally OCTOBER!! and we are all ready for those spooky cool nights! Rock your Halloween look this year with our Maddy Blue bundle including everything you need from face, hair, to a nice makeup pouch to put it all together! 

Items included in bundle:

AOA Buttercream Gel Liner & Shadow II- SWEET 16
Teardrop Shape Face Gem Stickers
AOA Starlet Eyeliner - Superstar
AOA Studio Wisp Color Mascara-DARK BLUE
AOA Artista Fine Tip Liquid Eyeliner-NAVY
AOA Clear Makeup Pouch -GALAXY
AOA Diamond Lip Gloss - Glacier
Rhinestone & Pearl Butterfly Hair Pins-SILVER
Paw Paw: 3D Faux Mink Lashes - Ariel

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