L.A. Colors - Purely Matte Lipstick - Sheer Violet

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Moisturize your lips with Color! This lightly scented vanilla lipstick has all of the benefits of a moisturizing formula but leaves lips shine free with bold color.

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Wife loves this shade

very cool-toned

On my monitor, this looked like pretty neutral, balanced purple. However, after I got it, and swatched it on my hand, the color leans on the blue side of purple. (I should have given more consideration to the name Violet...I'm glad it's sheer, or I wouldn't be able to pull it off!) I didn't have any negative skin reactions from the swatch on my hand, so I went ahead and put it on my lips. On the lips, it felt just like a lip plumper, with mild heat and tingling, only lasting about 30 seconds. My lips are fine--no allergic reactions, no chemical burns--maybe a little bit plumper. :) I HAVE had chemical burns from an expired lip gloss (NOT a Miss A product, btw), and my mother is experiencing an allergic reaction to some foundation right now (again, NOT a Miss A product). Anyway, the formula is super silky, with Vitamin E and Aloe, and really catches the light.

Not what I was expecting

I thought this was going to be a violet color. My first time using is was more silver than violet

very pretty color

i agree with mariah and pamela yang. it is a beautiful sheer light purple with shimmer in it. i am going to put this over my dark lipsticks like my browns, etc.

Use in collaborate with another color

Because it is sheer and has a beautiful shimmer, it is meant to be paired with a color darker than itself. I pair it with my wine and brown lipsticks just a dab in the center of my bottom lip to create a fuller poutier effect. It is a good staple of you like to create looks and not just wear one color. You can also run this color on the inner parts of your lips to give it an ombre effect when it catches the light. I think its a nice pretty soft color to have. It has a fruity smell and no matter how many times you pack it on you wont achieve the pigmentation and color in the above picture. People will buy this with hopes that it is a purple gray but its not. It is a sheer light purple with silver shimmer. A great color to have fun with!