L.A. Colors- Liquid Matte Lipstick- XOXO

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L.A. Colors- Liquid Matte Lipstick- XOXO. New Pout lipgloss is a creamy liquid lipgloss that dries to a matte finish! Perfect and trendy colors for this season!

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Perfect Red Matte Lipgloss

I really loved this bold matte lipgloss i think it is the prefect red for dark skin woman .


I can’t stress enough how good this product isss!!!!!!


Ok first, as previous reviews stated it is slightly lighter than what is pictured. In the picture it appears to have a slight purple undertone. The color is actually a deep red with a slight brownish undertone it’s so beautiful. Like my title says I’m honestly obsessed. I wish we could post pictures because I can’t even express to you how beautiful of a color this is. All I can say is omg and hope you read between the lines! Dries completely matte. It’s a little patchy so make sure you exfoliate properly and just don’t coat it over dry or cracked lips. Which you should be doing anyway whenever using liquid lipsticks. Definitely recommend! I will be ordering more! I ordered other colors only tried ob this one and Lusty so far. Both I love love love! Go LA colors ! Go Miss A! Can’t wait to try the rest.

One of the BEST liquid Mattes

First off, the picture is slightly darker than the actual color. HOWEVER, that is miniscule to how amazing this product is. Once you apply it to your lips, it dries fairly quickly. It is a very deep red color with a hint of brown undertones. Secondly, it ain't going anywhere! A good majority of lipsticks smudge or rub off the first time you touch it. But this XOXO from L.A. Colors stays put. I applied some just to try it on when it first arrived and I ended up falling asleep with it on. When I woke up the next morning it was not all over my clothes or pillows, it looked as if I had never been sleep, and like I had just applied it. This matte is by far one of the best liquid matte lipsticks in existence.

On love

Shocked its only 1$, its amazing