L.A. Colors- Liquid Matte Lipstick- Scrumptious

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L.A. Colors- Liquid Matte Lipstick- Kiss & Tell. New Pout lipgloss is a creamy liquid lipgloss that dries to a matte finish! Perfect and trendy colors for this season!

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VERY last long, would need an oil cleanser to remove


L.A. Colors- Liquid Matte Lipstick- Scrumptious

If you want long wear...

These definitely aren't for everyone. But if you like a challenge, then these are for you.

Yes these are sticky and can be patchy, but I have found ways to combat those minor issues and make these work for beautiful results.
1) Use a lip scrub to remove dry skin
2) Prime lips prior to application
3) Swipe wand against jar rim and remove excess product (This will help control the messyness)
4) Use tip of wand to line lips
5) Fill lips in
6) Let dry down (If it's not opaque enough I use a thin second coat of primer and color)
7) Apply thin layer of powder to combat the sticky side of them. I prefer to add highlighter over the top to give it a shimmer, glimmer, shine etc.

I've actually worn this for an entire day and night just to test its wear and the color barely budged.

To remove this product more easily:
I use coconut oil on a doe foot applicatior. The fibers help get the oil down into the lines and creases of the lips.

Hopefully this helps everyone get better results.

I love this Lipstick very much

I ordered this 2 weeks ago and i must say i really love this lipstick it feels really good on my lips and i get a lot of complaints when i wear it. When i take this lipstick off i use make up wipes to get a better result when taking it off or before i put it on i put on my peel off lip gloss and that helps takes it off too but other than that i love this lipstick and i plan on getting more colors thank you.


I got this kinda as an experiment because what even is matte gloss 👀 it stays really well but it's hard to get an even coat as the product is reallly dry