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Euphoria Rainbow Bundle- Jules


$9 $10

It's finally OCTOBER!! and we are all ready for those spooky cool nights! Rock your Halloween look this year with our Jules-Rainbow bundle including everything you need from face, hair, to a nice makeup pouch to put it all together! 

Items included in bundle:

AOA Loose Pigment Powders- Warm Tones-SPELL
AOA Studio Eyelashes - Scarlette
AOA Artista Fine Tip Liquid Eyeliner-ROYAL PURPLE
AOA Studio Wisp Color Mascara-BLACK
AOA Buttercream Gel Liner & Shadow II-BLUEBERRY"
AOA Perfect Powder Blush - Euphoria
AOA Diamond Lip Gloss - 24K
Rhinestone Rectangle "QUEEN" Hair Pin-GOLD
AOA Clear Makeup Pouch - PANDA

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