By Kara

Eyelashes - 747S


100% human hair, high quality, natural looking eyelashes. For daily use. Easy to apply, comfortable to wear. Can be used multiple times if used and removed properly.

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As an Asian with small eyes and a newbie to lashes, definitely works well. They're not too long that I feel they look too fake, but definitely gives me the length I need. Easy to apply. Band is a bit noticeable so would advise adding eyeliner underneath.

Will be stocking up on this one!

I love it! It looks very natural!

I am a beginner when it comes to makeup. I looked everywhere for false lashes to make my lashes stand out more. I looked in places like Target, but they have more dramatic and long lashes. When I found out about Miss A and all the eyelash options, I was thrilled to see there was a natural section. These lashes specifically look very natural. This is coming from someone who has short and flat lashes. (I also have almond eyes and not that much lid space). But this was fantastic because it blended in with my natural lashes. When I got the opinion of family members they told me that it looked very natural and that they barely saw the lash band. My friend did notice I was wearing false lashes because it was a bit longer than my natural lashes. The tips of the lashes went right in the middle. They almost touch below the eyebrow, but they're also not low enough to look flat. Since it was my first time wearing false lashes I went out to test them. They were so light throughout the day, I had to check if they were still on me. But it was overall amazing, I did have to trim it a little bit. Only because I have smaller eyes. It also had a really good shape and fit great on my lash line. I would defintely recommend this for beginners and for someone who wants natural lashes that can be worn for everyday.

Stocking up!

Perfect length for everyday wear! Add a liner on the lid to hide the knots and they look very natural but fuller. Love these!

Short natural lashes that add thickness :heart:

I ordered the 747XS but the 747S is what I got when my order arrived.
I love them! :heart: They add thickness to my very thin lashes and make my dark eyes look darker. I'm into a very natural looking " small " eyelash that I can wear everyday. You don't need eyeliner with the 747S but you do see the tiny eyelash knots on the clear band. This is not a big deal to me. With eyeliner you wouldn't see the eyelash knots.
I just ordered 20 more pair. :heart:

It might look better on others

Personally these lashes look absolutely horrible on me. Being an girl with small Asian eyes I find it so hard to get a pair of lashes that look natural one me. I found the these lashes are cut to perfectly that they just look weird. These lashes are good quality but I just don’t think that this style did not suit my eye shape. If you have a simaller eye shape to me and you want to find a nice pair of natural eyelashes on miss a then u derfinetly recommend the mila ones here(the miss a lashes are gorgeous but you want to take extreme care when washing them).