Deodorant Wipes with Aloe Vera

SKU: COS-1530


A travel friendly package of deodorant wipes that allows you to freshen up on the go!

These are perfect in keep in your gym bag to use after a workout and you can't shower right away! Or in your purse in case you them to freshen up!


Wipes have aloe vera to keep skin smooth and is a powder fresh scent. No alcohol in the wipes. 

25 wipes in each pack 

Customer Reviews

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Have ordered these before great for travel

These are great and smell good

This is another high-end product that would cost you more in the store. They travel well, and have a very pleasant fresh scent. I ordered three the first time, and then ordered more during the Black Friday sale. I can't recommend these enough!

The everything wipe

Working out and have to get the sweat, blowing your nose, going to the bathroom and not wanting to use public toilet paper, blowing your nose, wiping baby hands... These wipes are the best. Seriously.

Get these wipes

I love these wipes! I have turned my whole family on to these lol. I keep them in my purse because you never know when you will need them, My 9yo daughter loves them as well .

Great for freshening up on-the-go!!

These wipes are awesome for freshening up until you can take a shower. They deodorize and leave you feeling clean for quite some time. These are also great if you’re running late or accidentally slept in and you don’t have time to have a shower before heading out to work, etc....they work that well. I bought a few packs of these and gave one to my 13 year old daughter for gym. She loves them too. I really wish they were an AOA item that was continually restocked. They’re too good to not purchase again :(