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AOA Brush Cleaning Egg - Baby Pink



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AOA Beauty presents a silicone makeup brush cleaning tool! 

  • Slides right on your fingers featuring two sets of grooves so you can deep clean all of your eye and face brushes throughly, quickly and easily!
  • Convenient size for travel and stands upright to keep right by your sink
  • Hight Quality Silicone

How to Clean Your Brush: 

  • Wet makeup brush with water and add a small amount of soap or shampoo to the brush.
  • Swirl your brush around the groves back and forth until brush becomes clean.
  • Rinse under running water until water runs clear and squeeze out access water.
  • Lay flat on a towel to completely dry. 

Size: L: 7cm (2.8inch)* W: 5cm (2inch)* H: 3cm (1.2inch)

*Limit 10 Per Customer


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