AOA Skin Hydrating Face Mist Kit

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The AOA Skin Hydrating Face Mist Kit includes a soothing mist + 1 spray bottle to conveniently refill + apply.

Hydrating Face Mist Kit:

6x AOA Skin Wholly Green Water Soothing Mist

1x AOA Skin Reusable Spray Bottle (30 ml)

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This mist is super refreshing especially in the summer humid heat, especially refrigerated! Wholly Green Water absorbs w/no oil or residue& they're not lying when they say it's "Skin Hydrating!" I'm psyched I went with the package of 7 refills that came with the refillable spray bottle-spraying this the the best way. I've read reviews some are unhappy w/the different types of refillable bottles for a myriad of reasons. For example: People have complained about the size of the bottle, or in the case of the spray bottle I've read the sprayer hasn't worked well. I'm happy to report I've had NO COMPLAINTS at all. My spray bottle works perfectly. Not only is the size perfect for travel, but because of the size I know I'm always using fresh product. I've even mixed a few facial serums from MISSA (filling about 1/3 of the spray bottle)& filled the rest of the bottle with Wholly Green Water & even added some fine shimmer powder. The fine mist even works full of my thicker mix. I Love This!

I love it

It’s super hydrating and I have been repurchasing these multiple times.

Elise E Gonzalez
Great deal!

I love this hydrating face mist. I have already purchased this mist previously but when i seen this great deal with a ln extra spray bottle included I had to purchase because I also really like the spray bottles, they are so handy.