AOA Body Tanning Mitt



The ultimate tanning essential for a streak-free finish and stain-free hands. The AOA Tanning Mitt for Body is the perfect size and shape to evenly distribute tanning formulas onto the skin, whilst the water-resistant barrier ensures hands remain unstained, for flawless results with every application.

How to use:

  • Put the tanning mitt onto your fingers and then add your chosen tanning product onto the application side
  • Then, with long sweeping motions, work the product into your skin
  • Reusable and washable
  • To clean, soak in soapy water, rinse and let dry
  • Length is 15cm 

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

really good


Not too bad

Great value! Works great

Yes it is a bit smaller than the average but for the price I don’t mind! It works the same, great.

Love it

A must for sunless tanning. Great MIT keeps it off hands cheaper than store.

My new tanning staple

Love this!!

First, not large enough for your whole hand which I do not mind. I am able to fit 3-4 fingers in and can control it the same. Second, the longevity is great with these. I've purchased other similar more expensive items (still only a few dollars thou) that only lasted for one or two applications. After that they all loose the nap and you get down to just the fabric over the foam. The one I just threw away from miss a lasted me a whole month. And I use mine at least every other day. I do not use straight self tanner so I can use this little glove for multiple things. One, I use a tanning lotion like the jergens one I think, that gradually increases your color, so I use it for this. I also use a bronzing oil when I go out, nars is my fav but pur and even elf have nice ones, so I also use it to spread the oil out as well. I do keep a separate towel I use for my face tanning drops so I can't comment on the use of this for your face, for that I would try the smaller face one.

With this mitt I can spread out whatever product I am using very easily and I am able to get everywhere and avoid streaking or discoloration issues. I also love that it's not at all bulky so it's super easy to store.

After the first use I came back and ordered more so I am excited to get them (today or tomorrow according to USPS 😁 ) and I will continue to come to miss a for this item. A great value for $1