AOA Single Eyeshadow - Rich

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AOA Single Eyeshadow- Rich

Pigmented, buttery single magnetic eyeshadows to put in the palettes to build your own set!n


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Great pigment

Yup, it's brown - and a very good brown indeed!

As the other review stated, it's a medium-intensity neutral brown. Those are a dime a dozen, but it's the formula that makes this worth five stars. It's even, pigmented but buildable (use a brush to build up sheer layers, use a denser brush or your finger for full-coverage), it's blendable, no kickup or fallout. It seems a little hard in the pan but then it actually is very soft - I love that. It doesn't seem like it will break easily if you travel with it, but then using it is so luxurious! Such a shame that they're phasing out the singles. They really got them right.

Rich is a medium intensity neutral brown

I bought "Rich", "Cozy", and "Perfect" at the same time, and they ended up all being roughly the same shade, but with different undertones.

Rich is a medium intensity neutral brown that blends easily. It is not patchy, and doesn't kick up any powder in the pan. It has neutral undertones (not mauve, not yellow, not red.)

Perfect is a medium intensity brown with mauve undertones. It's the same as Rich, but with mauve undertones, which are visible on the eye.

Cozy is a slightly lighter intensity brown with yellow undertones.

Molly K Kasun

I bought these on sale for $1. WOW. I'm super impressed with them. I got three, "Rich, Moment and Vintage" colors. I figured a blind woman could turn out a decent look with these three colors. They are such good quality, I'm surprised. They're buttery texture with zero fallout and they glide on fully pigmented. I wanted Matte colors and these three are true Mattes, not a speck of glitter among them. The looks I turned out are beautiful. The pans are quite small but they're magnetized so they go into my Z compact and hold there very well. I'm getting more of these, they are truly, for real, absolutley worth the normal price of $2.50 and TOTALLY a steal at $1..00 each. Thanks for putting these on sale, Miss A.