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10-Piece Bon Voyage Brush Set



Introducing AOA Studio Bon Voyage 10-Piece Brush Set, a collection of ten full-size super soft vegan makeup brushes that help you cover, sculpt, blend and highlight a flawless, full-face look. The brushes feature a gorgeous silver handle with silver ferrels which firmly secure the ultra-plush, velvety bristles for minimal shedding. 

Curated for that perfect set you can take anywhere with you! You will not find this brush set anywhere else other than from AOA Studio!

This is the full set of 10 AOA studio brushes- 5 Face brushes and 5 Eye Brushes. When you purchase the full set you will receive a  AOA black, mesh brush pouch for free! This perfect sized pouch is long enough to fit any full size brush and zips close to keep everything secure. There is plenty of room to hold up to 15~20 brushes inside! 

 Brush Features:

  • F31 Strong Contour brush- this flat top but fluffy brush is perfect for apply a strong contour along the cheekbone
  • F32 Cheek Brush- to apply blush on the cheeks and can be used to blend out bronzer or highlighter application

  • F33 Soft contour brush- this dome shaped, fluffy brush will blend out your contour seamlessly.

    • F34 Loose Highlighter Brush- this tapered and fluffy brush is perfect for applying loose highlighter
    •  F35 Mini fan brush- the brush for strobing and highlighter application! Can also be used to sweep off eye shadow fallout on face.

    • E145 Ultra Large Blending Brush- a large eye brush to blend all the colors seamlessly and the finishing touch.

    •  E146 All over lid brush- for applying color all over the eye lid.

    • E147 Slanted Smudge brush- for a smokey eye look and blending out the eyelash line.

    • E148 Detailer brush- this flat dense brush can be used to clean up lip lines and eye brow lines with concealer. A perfect detailer to get the job done!

    • E149 Ultra Precise Eye Brush- this dense but small brush is excellent for apply color on lower lash line, applying glitter to eye area, or apply gel eyeliner!


     Set Features

    • Easy to Clean
    • Convenient for travel
    • Vegan 

    ** Limit 10 sets per customer. Any additional units ordered will be cancelled and refunded. **

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