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Difeel Hand Cream- Coconut


This unique restorative Hand Cream moisturizes and nourishes through the careful blending of Vitamin E, Natural Oil and Botanical Extracts. The formula softens the outer layers of the skin and penetrates to the deeper inner levels. Our luxury creams give your hands the perfect hydration, comfort and nourishment they deserve, leaving skin soft to the touch. 
  • Acts as an intensive moisturizing hand treatment
  • Nourishes & hydrates the skin
  • Contains 100% Pure Natural Oil & Vitamin E
  • Protects the skin from aging and free radicals

42 ml

Customer Reviews

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Amo el olor de este producto

Rich and good smelling hand cream

I wash my hands a lot throughout the day, and even before I go to bed, so the last thing I usually apply before bedtime is a hand cream to moisturize my hands. Since I live in a dry climate, the top of my hands and fingertips get rough and dry, but this cream helps keep my hands very soft and chapped free all night long.

Your Excuse Not To Try Difeel is Invalid!

The Difeel creams are the best thing that ever happened to my feet! It can fix sandpaper hands and crusty heels. Difeel lotions are my daily go-to for my hard-working feet! I can actually wear sandals on my days off now! BUT, these creams can be very heavily scented. If the scents tend to bother you, try this one. It's very coconutty, but it's not grabbing you and everyone around you by the collar. If the fragrances have kept you from trying these wonderful lotions, buy this one!

The BEST hand creams ever!!!

I absolutely love this hand cream. It moisturizes without any greasiness left behind. Both the Coconut and the Jojoba creams are my favorite but love them all. They have a light, beautiful scent. I stock up frequently so I’m not left without one… Especially with all the extra hand washing! You absolutely need one for every room and your purse!!!


smells really bomb!! my type of lotion! amazing price just for the lotion