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Paw Paw: 5-Piece Ova Brush Set


$5.55 $7.75

This 5-Piece AOA Studio Ova Brush Set, has the perfect sizes to do your whole face! These brushes are super soft and blend flawlessly for an airbrushed look! These brushes work best with cream and liquid products but also can be used for powders. The flexible handles make it easy to apply and get into the small corners of the face! 

Brush 1- this is the largest size, perfect for primers and foundation. Buff onto the whole face in circular motion. 

Brush 2- this is perfect for blush or contouring your cheeks! 

Brush 3- good for concealer, highlighting or precise contouring around the forehead, hairline and cheekbones. 

Brush 4- amazing brush for nose contour, nose highlight, eyeliner, and other precision work! 

Brush 5- this little round brush is perfect for applying lip color, placing color corrector on the face, and even smudging out the lashline! 

These brushes are so multi-functional you can use them in endless ways! 

* Limit 10 per customer

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