Official Key Items Cooling Gel Patch

SKU: KEY-0392

  • Helps to reduce fever
  • Relieves pain on body 
  • Just peel and stick anywhere that needs cooling, relieving 
  • One patch included 

SAVE with bundle Pricing: 12 patches for $10!

Ingredients: Hydro gel, menthol, borneol, fruit extract oil. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Leah Garrow

    Official Key Items Cooling Gel Patch

    Helen Bookman
    Feels weird

    Slightly slimy and slippery, but definitely cool.

    Keep these on hand!

    There is a reason these cooling patches are frequently sold out - they do what they promise and are so versatile. Each packet contains two small gel patches. The patches can be cut with a scissors (if needed) for a better fit, but once opened you have to use the entire package - they are air activated so you can't store one patch for later use. The feel of the gel patch takes a some getting used to as it is cool and a little sticky, but they work so well that it doesn't matter. They stay cool for several hours and are perfect for helping with migraines, sinus infections, fevers, bruises/inflammation, hot flashes, and everything else that might benefit from the application of ice. I've stocked up so I can keep a few on hand for any of the above situations. Please don't stop making these Miss A!

    Kristina Gilder
    So many uses!

    Since I'm here to buy more for a third time, I figured I should prob let people know these are great. I've found so many times where these came in handy. Hot hikes with little kids (on their chest under their shirt stopped the whining lol), little kids with fevers (right on their forehead), my own migraines and hot flashes. (same areas) Now I like to make sure I keep some in the house at all times. Please keep carrying them.

    Sherry Onest
    Amazing for headaches

    I bought a few and gave them to my niece who gets mild headaches. She says they work so well so I bought the 12 pack.