AOA Studio Renew Exfoliating Sponge

SKU: AOA-0174


AOA Studio Renew Exfoliating Sponge- the soft and gentle exfoliating sponge is perfect for so many uses! 

To use as a gentle physical exfoliator, wet the sponge and squeeze out excess water. Then add your favorite face cleanser on it and lather. Start gentle circular motions on your face to start exfoliating while washing. Rinse out clean and lay flat to dry. The Renew sponge is more convenient and easy to use than a traditional wash cloth. 

The Renew Sponge is also amazing to wash off clay or gel masks! Don't get your wash cloths messy, and masks are so hard to get off with just your bare hands! When you are ready to remove your mash, wet the Renew Sponge and start wiping over the mask to remove. Rinse and repeat until everything has washed off!

Has convenient finger pockets to hold.

1 Sponge included in each order, available in Black or Pink! 

Customer Reviews

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Thinner than the paw paw one

This material is the best for gently scrubbing off clay masks. I bought 2 of these thinking they were just like the light pink paw paw sponge, but they are only two layers (versus the paw paw 3 layer sponge). It’s ok though, it’s a little cheaper and works just as well.

These are so fun, easy, and gentle to use!

I use these with my cleanser to get my face all sudsy, and then I rinse and continue with my nighttime skincare routine. They do exactly what they say, and are gentle enough for daily use. While it is not the most essential product I’ve ever bought, it is quite fun and makes me feel like I’m doing a facial. Recommend. :)

Veronica Wynne
Love it!!!

Does this come in a bigger size? I need one for my whole body 😩

Exfoliating but soft

I have sensitive skin and this is the perfect amount of exfoliating with enough softness to not irritate my skin.

Love these face scrubbers

These are great to exfoliate my face in the shower with. Just be careful around piercings.